"You show such strength and beauty and grace in how you are showing your story to help other and most importantly helping yourself. I am blown away by your courage and how you have taken your experience to a positive place. Thank you for sharing."


"I want to encourage you to continue helping other through your work. I know there are many young women hurting in this community. Anguilla is such a small community, everybody knows each other. Many unspoken cases of incest. Persons won't speak because they are afraid that their mother won't believe and that the day or step parent who provides financially for the home will be put in jail."


"Thank you for being so brave and speaking about your past. I pray  that no one will ever be insensitive to your story. So many women have experienced this type of hurt. You are delivered!"


"Your art is very moving and powerful. Thank you for sharing your story and your art with us. I pray that your journey will be one of continued healing. You are an absolute inspiration. I just wish more people were here to be touched by your message. May God bless you".


"I have always been a fan of this style of expressive artwork in such that muscle definition and facial structure are emphasized to bring out the emotion of the art pieces themselves. They all carry out an important message which I hope will be delivered and received to everyone wherever it is shown. You rock and keep up the work and fight the good fight."